Meal Prep

I used to hate meal prep companies, I couldn’t understand why someone would pay a stupid amount of money for some bland, boring meals when you could make your own for a fraction of the price. But I have to take it all back, well kinda. At the time it made sense because I didn’t

Client Spotlight – Nick

Note: I have his permission to disclose all of this. This is Nick, Nick sent me an email back in early November and it went something along the lines of ” I’m 55, I’ve a back back and I need to get fit/tone up, would you have anything that suits me?” It was clear that
Absolute Health and Fitness Client November - Elaine
Elaine has been in absolute for many years now and continues to smash her sessions time and time again....

Client Spotlight – Miriam

Absolute Health and Fitness Client Miriam
This is Miriam , Miriam is 8 months pregnant and still getting her exercise in. Not so long ago we had 4 pregnant ladies training in absolute and over the years we have had many more....

Fish Curry

The Sauce Tin of Tomatoes 1 Red Pepper 2 Onions 2 Cloves of Garlic Thumb of Ginger 2 tbsp of Curry Powder/Paste  Fry all the above ingredients in a deep pan for 10 minutes, add about 100ml of water a boil for 30 minutes, blend once cooled.  You can freeze some of the sauce for

Lateral Lunges

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Lateral lunges are an unbelievably challenging exercise physiologically!Most people would struggle to execute this exercise with good form but with practice you can master it and enjoy the benefits of better movement and muscular strength along the way. There are many ways to improve strength through a muscle group without having to add a tonne
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