How to improve consistency!

If there’s one thing my clients are sick of me talking about, it’s consistency but it’s the single biggest downfall for most people. Imagine you have to walk to Dublin in the morning, the key to actually making it all the way is to consistency put some miles in every day.Some days you might jog,

Training to reach an endpoint?

Are you training to get to an endpoint or are you hoping to develop along the way? Imagine you have the opportunity in work to skip straight to the top, you’re not long there and you still have a lot to learn but you have been presented with the unique opportunity to go straight to
Core training is largely a misunderstood concept as most people think of their 6 pack (rectus abdominus), when you mention the word core.

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salads are often boring and bland but with a little prepartion and some good choices you can make it really tasty! Chicken Salad Bowl 150g Chicken Lettuce Cherry tomatoes 1 Grated Carrot 1/2 Red onion 1/2 an Avocado 1 Tbsp of Olive oil Lemon Juice ********************** Flatten out your chicken breast and season with some

Summer Porridge

Enjoy a delisious bowl or porridge at any time of the day, use your imagination to mix it up but here is a nice quick and simple way for those busy mornings! Summer Porridge 40g Porridge oats 20g Mixed seeds 100g Mixed berries Tbsp of honey Cook the oats using your preferred cooking method, I